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Wed Apr 23 2014 06:12 ET

How to play Arcade?

What Is Arcade?

In Arcade you are paid out for chains of animated matching symbols similar to traditional puzzle games. Payouts vary between symbols and the larger the chain the bigger the payout. There is also a progressive jackpot to be won by achieving particular chains.

How To Play Arcade

The payouts for achieving chains of different size and symbols are shown in the left of the game screen. A chain is any combination of 4 or more matching symbols adjacent either horizontally or vertically. Matching symbols that are adjacent diagonally will not chain together. Simply choose bet and press PLAY to begin. Symbols will fall from the top of the screen and settle in 5 rows each with 5 symbols. Where a chain occurs the symbols will react and disappear from the screen. Existing symbols and new symbols will fall to take their place. Reactions will continue automatically until no more chains occur. You are paid out for each chain that occurs. A chain must include a minimum of 4 (or more depending on the game) matching symbols but bigger chains are possible and payouts increase with the number of symbols in a chain. Your accumulated winnings are automatically added to your account.

Progressive Jackpot

Within Arcade there is a progressive jackpot to be won. The Progressive Jackpot is won for achieving a chain with a particular symbol (depending on the game). Once the required amount is reached the Progressive Jackpot amount (which varies according to the game you are playing) will be credited to your account. Please note that accumulated amounts for the Jackpot will be reset if there is no activity on the game on which it was accumulated for more than 24 hours. After 24 hours from the last game played the Progressive Jackpot accumulated amount will be reset to 0.

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