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How to play Bingo?

Playing our online bingo is very easy.

  1. In the Player LOGIN area, type your user name and password, and click 'Submit' to access the Main Lobby. First time players must register as a new player.
  2. Select the Bingo Room(s) of your choice by clicking on the room logo or on the 'PLAY' button (you may open several bingo rooms). Your browser will open the room. If you log in and there is a game in progress, you will have to wait for the game to finish. While waiting, you can change the game options, review the ads, modify your account and credit data. When the game finishes, you will see a set of bingo tickets/card or strips (please refer to section 4. of our Rules & Regulations for definitions of bingo tickets/cards and strips). Each ticket or card is identifiable by its unique number. The tickets/cards are ordered vertically in sets. Arrows allow you to scroll up and down to look at or change the tickets/cards.
  3. Click on the ticket (or strip) that you wish to play. If the game is playing strips, you may select entire strip(s) or within each strip, individual tickets. Clicking on a ticket/card or strip will cause it to change colour, highlighting your choice. If you are satisfied with your selection, you must click the 'Buy' button to accept the cards for the game. If you don't press the 'Buy' button before the game starts, you will not be eligible for that game. By clicking the 'Play' you are registering those tickets/cards or strips to play for the next game.
    Each Bingo room displays 'New' ticket and 'Quick Pick' buttons.
    The 'New' ticket button will allow you to select new, randomly generated tickets or strips. If you make any changes to the cards by clicking the 'New' ticket button, you must press the 'Buy' button again if you wish to buy them.
    The 'Quick Pick' button will allow you to select the tickets more quickly, in increments of 5, 10, 20, 'MAXIMUM' or by the number of your choice, without having to select them individually.
  4. When the game begins, ONE ticket/card will be the minimum you can play per game. The game will automatically track your cards for you. You may wish for the game to display your best ticket or your best strip first. You can do so, by making your personal choices through the 'Settings' button. As your cards get close to obtaining the specified line or pattern for the game, the border will change colour. The program will tell you how many numbers you have to go to claim a line, two lines, full house or bingo.
    You do not need to click the 'Claim' button when you get a line, a full house or a bingo: the program will allocate it to you; although we encourage our customers to use the 'Claim' button to spice up our chat room.
  5. Whenever a bingo, a one line, two line or full house is called, the program will display a winners' window with the user name(s) of the winner(s), the ticket number(s) and the amount won. Each one of your cards can win; that is, you may have more-than-one bingo in a game.



75 Ball Bingo

This is the American take on the bingo game. It is a pattern based game.

The area in the top section of the playing window displays the pattern for the current game. The bingo pattern displays the winning combination of boxes that you need to mark on one or more of your cards in order to have a bingo and win the prize. Patterns change from game to game - two successive games may or may not have the same pattern. The pattern shown during a game is valid only for that game.

We use two types of patterns: static and moving.

STATIC. In the static pattern, the configuration of filled boxes does not change within a game. You must mark a winning card with exactly this pattern. There is only one combination that works.

MOVING. A moving pattern is one whose configuration changes more than once within a single game. Marking any of the appearing configurations qualifies a winning card. For example, if the moving pattern is a horizontal line, you can claim bingo when you have any of the rows, in any of the cards.

Each card has five columns of five numbers each. The columns are headed by the letters from the word BINGO. Every column may contain only numbers from a limited set.

The "B" column, from 1 to 15;
the "I" column, from 16 to 30;
the "N" column, from 31 to 45;
the "G" column, from 46 to 60;
and the "O" column, from 61 to 75.

The center most cell of the card is labeled 'Free'; that is, it is given to you and can be used to claim bingo

90 Ball Bingo

The traditional European game of bingo has simple easy to learn rules.

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

Each ticket is made up of three (3) rows and nine (9) columns. Each row has 5 numbered squares; while there will always be 4 free squares per row.

Tickets are grouped in sets of 6 and are called strips. In a strip, every possible number from 1 to 90 is distributed ONCE (and only once) across these 6 tickets. Therefore, for every ball called, one number can be marked on any of the 6 tickets.

90 Ball gaming delivers three prizes per game, meaning you've got three different chances to win during each game;

Game Prizes

The game screen displays the value for the Prize, the Jackpot and the Tag Ball/Bonus Ball for the current game. The prize changes every game unless there is a special game being played.

Prizes are calculated based on the number of tickets/cards or strips registered for the game; the more people playing, the larger the prize. This is called 'pari-mutuel' game. The jackpot and the tag/bonus ball value increases gradually with every game until someone wins it; then they are restarted at a minimum value. The prize, the jackpot and the tag/bonus ball shown in the room(s) are valid only for the current game.

Notes on Display

Room Elements

To assist you in your game, we display separately next to the call board the last three (3) or four (4) drawn numbers in the order in which they were called.


In the area of the screen near to the ad banner and your cards, you will find several buttons that give you access to various features. These buttons and their functions are explained below:


Bingo Poker is pretty much similar to regular bingo games.

Players can either but individual cards or a strip of cards.

The patterns in play are P, O, K, E, R and J. The difference in Bingo Poker from regular bingo is that poker cards are called instead of numbers such as 9 of diamonds, 5 of hearts, 2 of clubs, 4 of spades...etc...

The pattern in play is greyed out like regular bingo 75. The winning card is that card that has the pattern in play daubed. Unlike other rooms the mini games and chat area are placed on the side. Quick Pick, New Cards and Buy Cards buttons are placed on the right hand side at the bottom. Settings, Deposit, Lobby and How to Play buttons are displayed beneath the chat area.

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