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Fri Apr 25 2014 00:58 ET


Casino war is a card game based on the traditional childhood game of "War" or "Battle". It's the simplest of casino games where anybody who knows how to count can play it.

The game is played with 8 traditional 52 card poker decks, using the same standard values: The 2 is the lowest denomination card and the Ace is the highest.

The player can place two bets each game:

Note: Player cannot make a Tie Bet alone; the game can be played without making a Tie Bet (that is with a Win Bet alone), but never with a Tie Bet alone.

In case of a tie the player is presented with two options:


Player bets $1 that he will win. A Tie occurs. If Player wants to go to War, he must place an additional $1. If Player wins the War, he gets $3

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