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Thu Apr 24 2014 09:33 ET

CyberBingoTM Game Rules and Operating Policies

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4. Definitions and Terminology Used in Our Game

A Player: Is a person who registers to play CyberBingoTM by filling out our registration form with the required information, correctly completed, and makes a Purchase.

A Purchase: Occurs after a Player enters the CyberBingoTM website and Purchases a Bingo card(s) from funds that have been deposited in a Player's Account by the Player. When a Player elects to deposit funds into their Player Account by one of our e-commerce systems, the Purchase must be validated by CyberBingoTM and its credit card and other agents. In the event that Purchase is subject to a charge-back, or is otherwise incomplete, the Purchase becomes void. A game Purchase is considered valid if the Player's deposit of Cash funds transaction is complete. We cannot offer refunds once a Purchase is made. All Purchases are made in United States currency.

A Card: Represents a set of a randomly collected numbers between 1 and 75 organized in 5 column, 5 row configurations. Until a card is in play, Players have the option to change the collection of numbers by selecting a new card. Once a Player accepts the collection of numbers for any Game, the card becomes valid and In Play.

A Game: Is a collection of purchased cards that are valid and in play.

A Game Variation: Is a specified pattern that must be matched on a Player's card in order to win a Game and receive a Prize.

A Call: Is a broadcast message from our Game server, received by your computer containing a randomly generated number between 1 and 75 , or 1 and 90 (depending on the game type)

A Bingo Claim: Is a broadcast message from a Player's computer, received by the CyberBingoTM game server identifying that Player as a holder of a Game Variation.

In Play: Will be the term used to describe any Game that has been initialized by our Game server and is receiving calls and communicating with the Game server.

A Prize: Is a cash allotment that is payable to a Player (or Players if there are more than one winner) who identifies to CyberBingoTM, through a Bingo Call, a match to the Game Variation of a Player Card. Prizes are automatically deposited into a Player's Winner Account.

The Parties: CyberBingoTM and the Player.

A Player ID: Is a username that is assigned to the player by CyberBingoTM at the time of registration, such used by the parties to uniquely identify a Player.

A Player Account: Is the account in which the Player's use to deposit funds, use to buy into games, deposit winnings into and from which payouts are requested. Once a card is In Play, the Game Credit can not be returned to the Player.