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Wed Apr 23 2014 07:54 ET

CyberBingoTM Game Rules and Operating Policies

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10. Multiple Accounts

CyberBingo players are only permitted to have one account.

All players are required to abide by the above statement by checking off a recognition statement upon registration.

All multiple accounts are subject to being disabled. Winnings derived from multiple accounts will be forfeited and will not be paid out as they would have been won illegitimately. Deposits made by players in to a multiple account are not cashable or refundable and will be donated to charity.

Only the owner of the account may deposit funds. Players are not permitted to use someone else's e-wallet, credit card, debit card, etc. to credit their account. Details of these payment methods must match their CyberBingo profile. Players are also prohibited from withdrawing funds to another individual's bank account, E-wallet account, etc. Violation of these restrictions will result in the disabling of the player account.