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Wed Apr 23 2014 17:09 ET

CyberBingoTM Game Rules and Operating Policies

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5. Participation Rules

  1. To participate in a Game, a Player must be 18 years of age or older, must read and consent to all of the Participating Rules, and must have authorization to use a valid credit card acceptable to CyberBingo.
  2. Participation will require that Players register with CyberBingo by correctly completing the registration details and offering a full name, address, city, zip code or postal code, state or province, country, e-mail address and telephone number. For any subsequent participation, a Player must login with their Player ID (provided by CyberBingo) and the Player password.
  3. Games will be offered at approximately 2 (two) minutes after completion of a previous game. CyberBingo has exclusive authority to modify the Game schedule without prior notice.
  4. Any Player who wins a Prize may be transmitted a reference number that will identify a specific win. The Player is responsible for the preserving of any reference numbers provided.
  5. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the Game Variation as it is recorded in CyberBingo's database, and that recorded by the Player, the Calls recorded in the CyberBingo game server shall be considered valid.
  6. A Purchase or a win will be void if for any reason payment is not received by CyberBingo or if there is an applicable charge-back at a later date. CyberBingo reserves the right to limit any Player's participation in a Game, particularly in the event that a Purchase is rendered void.
  7. Prizes will be deposited into the Player's Account.
  8. The balance of a Winners Account will be mailed upon a request by the Player, to the mailing address provided at registration.
  9. A minimum payout request of $25 is required. However this may vary according to the Payout method being used. In addition, payout fees will be paid upon making a payout request. Should this request be cancelled the payout fee will be returned to the player's Bingo Account. Payout fees vary according to the method being used and may vary from time to time. Please check with our Live Help Support for more information on these payout fees.
  10. Employees of CyberBingo are prohibited from participating in a Game or any promotion.
  11. Players can request a Payout only under the following conditions:
    • New players requesting a withdrawal for the first time will need to provide CyberBingo proof of player information before any withdrawal is processed. CyberBingo may require a scanned copy of the actual credit card(s) registered to the player along with one (1) of the following form of identifications:
      • Valid Driver's License
      • Valid Passport
      • Birth Certificate
    • Any players requesting a withdrawal may be subject to provide proof of identity at the discretion of CyberBingo. CyberBingo may also require a scanned copy of the front and back of the credit card(s) registered to the player along with one (1) of the following form of identifications:
      • Valid Driver's License
      • Valid Passport
      • Birth Certificate
    • Players can request a withdrawal from their winnings only. The amounts cannot exceed their Player Account cash balance, which must be in good standing. CyberBingo reserves the right to withhold any such payments until all financial transactions have been settled and cleared.
    • Players can request a withdrawal if they wish to close their Player's account. Any unpaid or outstanding charges will be subtracted from their account balance in the event of charge-backs.
    • Players CANNOT request a withdrawal from deposits made to their account unless they wish to cash out and close their Player Account. Requesting withdrawals from their account balance derived from deposits and not wins will be deemed a cash advance from CyberBingo and a misuse of our online purchasing system. In such cases, CyberBingo may levy a surcharge to offset transaction and administrative costs.
    • In ALL cases, CyberBingo reserves the right to withhold any such payments until all financial transactions have been settled and cleared.
  12. You are only allowed to register once. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden and will result in your accounts being disabled.
  13. To maintain an active status on the website a minimum deposit is required at least once every 30 days. Players who do not keep an active status on the website will loose their Free Games privileges and therefore will not be allowed to "purchase" Bingo Cards/tickets for Free Games in any Bingo Room. Please note this process is automated and non-reversible. No exceptions or exemptions can or will be granted to this rule. Bonuses are also subject to removal due to inactivity. The Management reserves the right to permanently disable any inactive accounts (not funded in the last 30 days).
  14. The Freebie Room gives all new players the opportunity to experience our bingo game without having to place an initial deposit. It allows new players to play for FREE and WIN REAL CASH! New players do not have access to all Bingo Rooms and/or Casino Machines; these can be easily unlocked by placing a deposit. New Non-Funded Players have access to the Bingo Free Roll room and may play in this room for limited trial period of 30 days (subject to change with no advance notice by management). Once the trial period is over, Non-Funded players will no longer have access to Free Games in the Bingo Free Roll room but can continue to play in the Freebie Room. New players will no longer have access to the Freebie Room once they place their first deposit. The website reserves the right to remove all free trial bonuses/free trial winnings and deny any player access to the Freebie Room if there is any abuse of the website rules and regulations. Management's decision will be final in these cases.
  15. Pre-Order Privilege Discretion: Pre-Order is an Exclusive Game Feature that is subject to management's approval. Management holds the right to eradicate a player's right to pre-order tickets for any Bingo Game in any Room without prior notice at any time. Management is not obliged to give any explanation what so ever for any actions taken upon this matter. Refund: a credit return for all pre-ordered games which are cancelled. Cancelled: a pre-order purchase which does not play due to a schedule change, or other reason affecting the game schedule. A refund is granted when a pre-order is cancelled.