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Thu Apr 17 2014 17:22 ET

CyberBingoTM Game Rules and Operating Policies

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12. Rules for eligibility for any compensation or bonus

CyberBingoTM reserves the right to deny any compensation to a player. All Bonuses or compensations received will be automatically removed from the player's account if not used within 30 days of being credited.

A player immediately forfeits all bonuses should s/he have created more than one account (multiple accounts are strictly prohibited) or Fraudulent activity has been identified.

Deposits are not allowed while there is a pending withdrawal. Should you wish to play, first you should cancel the pending withdrawal and then proceed with your deposit. Those players who deposit through third parties while they have a pending withdrawal will not be eligible for any funding bonus.

Bonuses will be removed upon requesting a withdrawal. However,credits will not be removed when a withdrawal is requested.

All unclaimed bank, winnings and bonuses* will be removed from a member's account should the account be dormant for 6 months. An account is considered dormant if no activity has been initiated by the member. Wagering in pay games and depositing into one's account is deemed as an 'action' or activity.