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Sat Apr 19 2014 18:46 ET

How to play Video Poker?

The video poker machines are displayed in the Games' Lobby Area, according to the number of hands that can be played per game: one (1) hand or four (4).

Our video poker machines allow you to bet anywhere from 5c to 25c per hand. You can choose the denomination that you'd like to bet by clicking on the right hand side of the machine where the coin values are displayed.

The 'Bet One' and 'Bet Down' buttons allow you to increase (decrease) the coins that you are betting: from a minimum of one (1) to a maximum of five (5).

You can select one, two, three four or five coins by clicking the 'Bet One' button. If you wish to decrease the number of coins, just click the 'Bet Down' button. 'Bet Max' will select the maximum five (5) coins.

Once you are ready to play, simply click on the "Deal Draw" button to get your cards. The idea in draw poker is to attain a winning combination of cards (there are loads of combinations - for reference we have included some common winning combinations below).

You can improve the strength of your hand by picking to "hold" certain cards and getting rid of others. The cards you choose to drop will be replaced by new ones after you click on the "Deal Draw" button again.

The Pay Table will show the payout rate for every winning combination in each particular machine.

In our multiple hand video poker machines, the winning combinations will be displayed in front of the winning set of cards (Flush, Three of a Kind, etc.).

To summarize, the 'rules' or steps are simplified as follows:

Here are some common winning combinations in draw poker:

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